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St. John's Player Profile: Rysheed Jordan

Name: Rysheed Jordan

Eligibility: Freshman

Position: Guard

Height: 6’4″

Weight: 180-pounds

Twitter Handle: I am sorry. I just don’t know.

2012 Season Stats: Newcomer to collegiate athletics.

PrognosticationRysheed Jordan is coming to the Red Storm program with a lot of hype. A five-star recruit, ranking in as high as top-3 at his position, Jordan is going to find himself in a position to play a ton this season.

However, Jamal Branch did very well during the Euro tour and whispers are that he may begin the season as a starter over Jordan. Steve Lavin, however, has tinkered with the idea of playing the both of them at the same time. He can’t start with that rotation — as it would prevent the Johnnies’ best player, D’Angelo Harrison, from starting — but regardless of his role to begin the game, Jordan is going to be a very important member of St. John’s this season.

Strengths: A versatile guard, although, he has more of a “true” point guard mentality. That doesn’t mean he can’t go all combo-guard on us and score a solid amount of points. Depending on who is on with the floor will be the deciding factor on which style of play he will utilize.

Weaknesses: Inexperience. That and trying to live up to the hype is about all I have to say about Jordan. I’m not big on ragging (or really talking up) players until I have seen them on the collegiate level. Especially a point guard.

Personal Note: Hype, hype and hype. Please live up to the hype.

Random, but neat Rysheed Jordan Factoid: Facts are cool, but videos are cooler.



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