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St. John's Monday Morning Linkage

Hey, you. Yeah, you! I bet you are a very busy person. Especially on weekends like the one that just happened. You know, you have tons of college and pro football to watch as well as massive amounts of adult-beverages to consume. You — like so many of us — barely noticed anything other than your fantasy football lineup and which beer was on special at your local drunken debauchery establishment. Luckily for you, though, guys like me (losers?) are still keeping a keen eye on all things Big East Conference and St. John’s Red Storm related.

That is why a little thing like Monday Morning Linkage comes in handy for the both of us. I get to scribble about some stuff and you get some links to some stuff. I mean, who doesn’t love stuff?

Don’t let the title of the “article” confuse you. Yes, it is a Monday and I am writing this in the morning, however, I do not or will not be giving you any kind of sausage links. Instead, I will be providing you with some links from around the world-wide-interwebs. Stuff pertaining to the Johnnies and to a few things that are relevant to the Big East.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. Gibber-jabber…..Go!

Rumble In The Garden has an interesting recent posting. RITG scribe, Quinn Rochford, writes about the line the Seton Hall Pirates may or may have not crossed when they hired Tiny Morton to lure Isaiah Whitehead to the program. Not similar to our piece, but a good look at how St. John’s might have come out of the recruiting battle looking better — even though they didn’t land Whitehead. The article also spurred a good debate on Twitter between St. John’s supporters vs. Seton Hall fans.

Play For the Garden chimes in on St. John’s schedule this season. They use, um, an interesting formula that has something to do with steaks and stuff. I’m a meatloaf kind of guy, so I was a little lost.

Over at (the quickly being revamped, but in a good way) B/R, Ryan Curi talks about Buzz Williams’ decisions as far as the Marquette Golden Eagles lineup goes.

Well, that is about it for Monday Morning Linkage. Not a slew of hoops news other than the Whitehead decision went on. Sure there were some other, fairly interesting tidbits concerning the Big East in the last month, but we are trying to limit the links to stories from the previous week or so.

If you have seen something that feels like it belongs in the Monday Morning Linkage, well, just let us know in the comment section. If not, Hadouken!





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