5 Ways The NCAA Is Similar To Pro Wrestling

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July 23, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Photos of the exterior of the NCAA Headquarters taken after the NCAA holds a press conference announcing corrective and punitive measures against Penn State University for the child abuse committed by former Penn State Nittany Lions assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA is not exactly having the best of times as of late. We can talk about them to the point of nausea, but you all know what is going on. Civil lawsuit, APU, low-level bloggers attacking them and whatnot is being talked about nearly every second of every waking moment of our lives.

That is neat and all, although, people are missing some key arguments no matter which side they are on. You know, the whole fact that the NCAA has a doppelganger right here in these United States of America. If you have been paying close enough attention to the governing body over the last few decades, well, then you already know what that entity is. That’s right kiddos, pro wrestling.

Wrestling might not exactly be everyone’s favorite cup of tea. I get it. Still, because the WWE is coursing through my 11-inch biceps, it is important that I share with you the similarities that I found between the two. It would be a great disservice if we didn’t breakdown this wall of doppelganging together. Seriously, you would want to know about another you being out there, right? So it only makes sense that we expose the NCAA for being — or at least imitating — pro wrestling.

With all of that being said, though, we need to proceed very cautiously. Please do both of us a favor and make sure you are wearing your best tights, your neon pink boots are laced all the way up and you check the NCAA for any illegal objects hidden in their knee pads.

Safety is our number one priority going forward. Coming in at a close second is exposing the NCAA for what it is — an evil place filled with heels, some faces and a few twists and turns that only Vince McMahon could have come up with.

This match is scheduled for one fall, with no time limit and is for the (fictional) World Heavyweight Championship of Bad Analogies . The referee is Dave White.


Ding, ding!

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