First Day of College Basketball Practice

Because the world loves itself some college basketball, today is a great day to be a fan of hoops. Not because of some blockbuster trade in the NBA or a major recruit making his intentions known, but the fact that today is the first legal day of the college basketball season.

You see, back in the day programs were not allowed to put on the sneakers this early. Okay, well, programs never put on sneakers — so we are technically talking about the players, but whatever. However, with new NCAA rules this year set forth by the almighty folks in Indianapolis, practices are coming to us earlier. Not that we love practice or anything.

To celebrate this glorious occasion, we here at Storm The Paint are going to throw up some neat videos, tweets and the like to get you all different kinds of pumped for the college basketball season. Please remember that we’re only talking about practice, man. We still have some time until the actual games are played.

At least we got this stuff, though:

First we have Steve Lavin looking like the main-man in charge of stuff.

Some St. John’s Red Storm highlights from a few years ago.

How about a Red Storm newcomer? I mean, who doesn’t like new, shiny things?

For those who somehow, magically forgot — Metta World Ron Artest Lazy Bones McGee Peace was once a Johnnie.

Welp, that does it for us here at Storm The Paint because college basketball.



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