St. John's Red Storm Monday Morning Linkage

Sadly, unfortunately it is Monday morning. Which probably means you are already a few coffees deep, have seen the accumulation of too much work at your desk as well as likely kissing your dog and then petting your spouse goodbye. Mondays are to people as decapitation ceremonies are to, you know, the same people — the devil. Luckily for us, however, it does mean the return of the St. John’s Red Storm Monday Morning Linkage.

With practices officially underway some new information has come to light. Nothing of incredible significance, but a few things that will help fill your basketball hungry belly.

Rumble In The Garden takes a look at another successful Dribble For The Cure event that was held yesterday. Again, this is a great cause and just because the event is over it doesn’t mean the donating has to stop. 

USA Today continues ranking their top college basketball teams coming in to the season. The St. John’s Red Storm comes in ranked 32nd. The article is nothing Earth-shattering or something that will break news to anyone who is a fan of the Johnnies, but taking a gander at their full projections is pretty neat

One of the writers at Rant Sports seems to be very optimistic about the kind of run the St. John’s Red Storm can have in the NCAA Tournament this year. Granted, that is without knowing the seeding, region or any real, tangible evidence that can be used to back up that kind of claim, however, we’ll take it.

Play For The Garden takes a quick look at college hoops starting. They mention St. John’s  — so, um, I link it here. 


Sadly, as per the usual, that is about it for Red Storm related articles. A full week goes by and we could only find (less than) a handful of St. John’s articles that didn’t come from our blog-website-thingamabob. It’s cool with us, though.

If you read, saw or heard a rumor about a St. John’s Red Storm article that didn’t make the cut, but you believe should be in the Monday Morning Linkage, let us know. If you don’t, well, go jogging.



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