St. John’s Player Profile: JaKarr Sampson


Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Name: JaKarr Sampson

Eligibility: Sophomore

Position: Forward

Height: 6’8″

Weight: 204-pounds

Twitter Handle@KarrSampson14

2012 Season Stats:

2012-13St. John’s33104020245044.9080871366449114.9
More Stats
2012-13St. John’s3310402186.6351.1361.1361.166

PrognosticationJaKarr Sampson is a potential Big East Conference superstar. The Red Storm had a near scare right before the season ended last year as some rumors were swirling around that Sampson might declare early-entry into the NBA Draft. Luckily for them, however, cooler heads prevailed — as Sampson was a borderline late-second round draft pick.

As for this season, though, many improvements are expected in his game — not only to help St. John’s, but to help his (still) second-round draft grade by many NBA experts.

Strengths: At the college level there are few as gifted as JaKarr Sampson. Long, athletic, (to steal a baseball reference) basically a five-tool type of player.

Sampson has better than average post moves. He also has a respectable jumper from a few feet out.

Another aspect of his game that sometimes goes unnoticed is that Sampson is a solid defender. When he puts his full effort to shutting his man down, he indeed, does just that.

Weaknesses: Shot selection can sometimes be questionable. It didn’t help him last season, though, that only he and D’Angelo Harrison were legitimate, big-time scorers for the Johnnies. Still, Sampson has to realize his offensive strength is getting to the rim and he has to stop settling for longer jumper shots.

Personal Note: Sampson can be looked at two ways this season. He can be a player who is going to dramatically improve, increase his draft stuck and help the Red Storm in the process.

Unfortunately, there is an “or” to Sampson. He can become a type of college hoops enigma. A good “stats guy” who doesn’t do much to help his team win. This scenario seems less likely, although, if the Red Storm were to struggle many of the fingers would be pointed and he and Harrison.

Random, but neat JaKarr Sampson Factoid: Like my daughter, Sampson’s favorite TV show is SpongeBob SquarePants……naturally. No worries, JaKarr — I don’t judge you.


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