St. John’s Reportedly Reaches Out To Recruit Max Hoetzel


The mean streets of Twitter can sometimes be, well, a mean place to visit. Other times, however, it can be a place where great knowledge gets dropped on your dome from time to time. Case in point being, a singular tweet from a protected account (he must be hiding nuclear launch codes) that has the St. John’s Red Storm in the hunt for Max Hoetzel.

See what I mean? I had to get second hand news from the guy’s tweet. So Zach Braziller — of New York Post fame — let the people who don’t have access to nuclear codes know that St. John’s is interested in Hoetzel.

For those of you unaware of Max Hoetzel and his exploits, he is a 6’7″ forward who can shoot the ball like another Max currently on the team. You know, Max Hooper.

This Max, however, is ranked rather differently that Hooper according to multiple recruiting services. As in some don’t have him ranked while others give him a three star grade or a 70 ranking. Regardless, though, Max Hoetzel is an interesting target for the 2014 recruiting class.

That’s mostly because of his ability to shoot the rock. Like, I mean shoot the lights out of the gym kind of shooting. While shooting lights out might seem counterproductive — playing in the dark can’t be easy — it is something the Johnnies have lacked over the last few seasons and something Steve Lavin hopes will change this year with Hooper being in the lineup.

Grabbing another sharpshooter like Max Hoetzel, however, won’t hurt with the Red Storm trying to build a winner in the long run. Being that I think you guys are swell, I will leave you with a little video package from that FaceTube website. That way you can get a little familiar with the talented, albeit not highly ranked, Hoetzel.


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