A Diary From a College Hoops Fan During Football Season

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Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports


Hey buddy, what is going on? Sorry it has been awhile, but I am doing a lot of research about my favorite college hoops team, The Club State Pool Cleaners. Sadly, I can’t find any information about them. No updates, news or even opinions relative to the program in two weeks.

So this morning I put on a sports network to see if they have any basketball news. Like, any at all. However, I saw tons of highlights from Monday Night Football. Which does make sense. It is the biggest sport in the country and was the only game of its like on last night, although, does it really need 30 minutes of airtime to start the show?

As soon as the guys were done showing me highlights, breaking down the game, breaking down the breakdown of the game and reviewing the injuries, punts, holding calls and referee mistakes from it, they went straight into breaking down some college football. This time, however, was not as bad. About three college games on last night. Still, each game got about ten minutes and before I knew it the hour of entire sports coverage was over and I only heard stuff about football.

Eventually I turned to my sports radio. These guys have three-to-four hours to kill. No way they are going to be able to talk about a singular NFL game the whole time, right? Alas, I was wrong. These two guys in the morning (who oddly enough have the same first name. Maybe they should name the show after such a coincidence) gibber-jabbered for all four hours about the one NFL game. They didn’t even talk about the college games! Holy smokes.

I tell you, Journal. One day folks are going to realize how much over exposure football gets.


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