A Diary From a College Hoops Fan During Football Season

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


More football! Sad face. At least for this game I know so much information about these two teams. Oddly enough, I actually knew a lot about these franchises before the 24 hours of coverage leading up to the game, but I am apparently stupid or the NFL’s target audience were all part of their front-office’s experimental concussion program.

So, I did find some interesting things on cyberspace about college hoops today. One of my favorite college basketball writers did his nifty All-Name Team. It is a light, fun read. The whole point of the article — at least I think — is to draw in some of the casual hoop fans as well as make sure to give a nod to the die-hards who already knew of these guys. Either way, it is good for a laugh. Seriously, Journal — I suggest you check it out.

My Twitter timeline, feed-thingy is all about football, though. I wonder if anyone even noticed the college basketball article. I see guys talking about their fantasy team, the backup quarterback and something about the weather possibly making the spread of the game a tougher read.



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