A Diary From a College Hoops Fan During Football Season

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Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports


I can’t take this anymore. Between these awful Wiggles and nicely dressed, well-groomed men talking college football on my TV, I think I am going to snap.

It would seriously be nice if one of these sports networks acknowledged college hoops. This must be what soccer fans feel like every day of their life. Wait, what is that? You say one of those sports networks now carry soccer so it is covered fairly well? I’ll be damned. I wonder what is going to happen to my favorite league, the Big East Conference now that they have gone to another sports network. Do you think they will be ignored by the place they previously called home? Man, Journal — you’re so pessimistic.

Football all day long. I plan on taking a few games in myself. I hope for some close contests, exciting plays and some wonderful insights from the people in the booth. I will also be hoping for world peace.

It should be noted, Journal, that I did look up some college hoops information and actually found some! I can tell we are getting closer to college hoops season because the interwebs are giving more and more stuff about the sport. Today I read something about upperclassmen who are at risk of heart-disease ten years from now that might breakout this season. Hooray!

Always yours,

College Hoops Fan