10 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The St. John’s Bandwagon

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We have covered it, gone over it and regurgitated time and time again, but this St. John’s Red Storm team is going to be incredibly unpredictable, no one has the same set of expectations for them and their ceiling is as high as any of the main characters in a Cheech and Chong movie.

If you visit this site you are probably a fan of the Johnnies already. It’s not like a slew of Kentucky Wildcats fans decide to visit a program from the Big East Conference all that often. However, every once in a blue moon, I am sure a fan of another program comes here — or to other, quality St. John’s sites for that matter — to catch a glimpse of what is what in the land of Steve Lavin. I am also pretty certain that a casual fan or two may see a headline, click on the link out of curiosity and attempt to learn more about St. John’s. I mean, it is the world-wide-Interwebs — the point is to enter a wormhole to find information and/or nonsense, right?

Regardless, it does not matter how you got here. You are here, reading this (for whatever unknown reason) and that probably means you are interested in St. John’s for one reason or another. And guess what? I am glad to you have, I think.

Here is the thing — and I mean this — St. John’s is going to be super-duper fun to watch this season. I don’t think I can correctly predict their record, set the ‘right” level of expectations for them or let you know which one of the players is going to eat waffles for breakfast tomorrow. What I can do, however, is give you 10 reasons as to why you should jump on the St. John’s bandwagon — provided you hadn’t already.

Okay, okay. Gibber-jabber time is over. Let’s take a gander at those 10 reasons together, shall we?