USA Today Coaches’ Poll Released


USA Today released their preseason coaches’ poll just a little while ago. Here it is, in its full glory. Before proceeding, however, please note that your much beloved St. John’s Red Storm did not meet the requirements of a poll taken by coaches. To be fair to these coaches, they are basically taking educated guesses at this point. No different from what you or I would do.

Okay. Here it is. The USA Today Coaches’ Poll in all its wondrous, always topical, never controversial, fullness — or something like that…likely something.

1Kentucky21-12767              16NR
2Michigan St.27-9749               313
3Louisville35-5741                101
4Duke30-6710                 35
5Arizona27-8637                 014
6Kansas31-6623                 08
7Syracuse30-10551                  03
8Florida29-8550                 09
9Michigan31-8548                 02
10Ohio St.29-8533                 06
11North Carolina25-11494                 0NR
12Oklahoma St.24-9462                 0NR
13Memphis31-5334                 018
14Gonzaga32-3270                  012
15Va. Commonwealth27-9258                  023
16Wichita St.30-9233                  04
17Marquette26-9230                  011
18Oregon28-9175                   015
19Connecticut20-10167                   0NR
20New Mexico29-6153                   019
21Wisconsin23-12148                   022
22Notre Dame25-10128                    0NR
23UCLA25-10121                  0NR
24Indiana29-7118                  07
25Virginia23-12103                    0NR

Others Receiving Votes: Baylor 102; Colorado 93; Creighton 87; Iowa 86; Tennessee 73; Georgetown 38; Harvard 28; Pittsburgh 23; California 16; Boise State 11; Saint Louis 8; La Salle 7; Temple 4; Missouri 4; Villanova 4; Kansas State 3; LSU 2; Iowa State 2; Arizona State 2; Illinois 2; Georgia 1; UNLV 1.

It is worth noting, however, that this poll is probably going to change a few times before the season is over. I mean, I am not expert, but you know.