Friday Morning St. John’s Red Storm Link Dump Spectacular


Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It can be said that the St. John’s Red Storm are going to be a good Big East Conference team this season. It could also be said that the expectations for this year’s team is as mixed as a fancy cocktail at your favorite local drinking establishment. What can’t be said about them, however, is that they get covered to the point of nausea. Thus the lack of link dumps we do here at Storm The Paint.

Luckily for us (and you, I suppose), enough time has passed, enough Red Storm articles have been written and the season is now close enough that we can do another one of these spectacular link dumps.

Yadda, yadda, yadda, gibber-jabber….go:

First off, let’s start with a season preview done by the newly revamped Big East Coast Bias. BECB’s Matt McClusky has a wonderful piece about St. John’s potential success this season. It is definitely worth your time to read. Also worth noting, I (the guy writing this link dump) am also contributing over there. Here is a link to my author page.

Are you interested in getting tickets for St. John’s games? Maybe you don’t want season tickets, but just a little mini-package of sorts. No worries. Whatever your needs, Red Storm Sports has you covered.

You can also read an in-depth, awesome article about St. John’s European trip. Yeah, yeah. It was awhile ago, but this is a really good piece.

It is weird how Graduation Success Rate can be a big deal to some, but a super-duper small deal to others. Probably depends on whether or not your school did well with it. Regardless, St. John’s as a whole did pretty swell.

That brings us back to expectations for the Red Storm. As in, some are expecting very little from them while others are expecting them to be ranked after their very first game.

Last — but not least — don’t forget about the Big East Tip-Off Tonight!