Over Analysts of St. John’s Exhibition Victory

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Jan 02, 2013; Villanova, PA, USA; Saint John

The St. John’s Red Storm did win, although, it was about a bad a win as any team can have. It’s not as if San Francisco State is a team full of world-beaters. Regardless, the Red Storm faithful are able to walk with their heads (kind of) high.

A point of emphasis should be made, though. This was only a pretend game. Like, it doesn’t count towards anything other than speculation, possible foresight and pushing whatever narrative you might have had before the game even started. With that being said, however, there were more than a few, obvious things that could be taken away from ir.

No. We aren’t talking about how awesome St. John’s uniforms are either. Instead, we are referring to actual play on the court. Fancy stuff like a certain player’s love for long range prayers, another’s matching of hype and how some things never seem to change even though the talent on the roster is the best Steve Lavin has trotted out during his time with the program.

After watching the game as it happened some specific things popped out. However, because I am not a fan of gut reactions, I thought it would be best to cool down and then to revisit. Some of my original thoughts stood while others were either magnified or proven wrong. A little hindsight can sometimes add some perspective.

Bluh, bluh, bluh. I know. Let’s take a look at some of the things that certainly stood out from St. John’s narrow, 82-80 victory over San Francisco State.