Over Analysts of St. John’s Exhibition Victory

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Orlando Sanchez was Impressive

It’s going to seem like I am focusing more on the negatives (because I am), but there were definitely some positives.

While everyone is ranting and raving about Rysheed Jordan (rightfully so), Orlando Sanchez was my “star” of the game. Sanchez essentially did what everyone hoped he would, fill up the box score and be some form of versatile forward the Red Storm desperately need.

The finally eligible forward finished the game with 9 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks. Those are the kind of numbers that St. John’s will be hoping for all season out of him. Still, his numbers alone don’t highlight how well he played.

Sanchez showed a good handle in transition that led to some easy baskets. This adds a new dimension to the Red Storm, as they won’t have to rely solely on their guards to handle the ball.

Another big, not as expected bonus was Orlando’s ability to have the offense run through him. Multiple times, especially early on, Lavin had his offense starting with the ball in Orlando’s hands on the high post or at the wing. This opens up St. John’s ability to run different kinds of offensive sets (multiple guard screens, one guard cutting to the hoop off a back screen, etc) that they can’t do with the ball in Sampson’s hands.