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Rysheed Jordan Being All Kinds of Awesome

Early on it looked like Rysheed Jordan was more concerned about making sure he got his teammates involved. Then, just like he did in high school, he took over the game late and was one of the primary reasons the Red Storm avoided a slew of bad punchlines this morning.

Jordan finished with 16 points while being incredibly efficient from the floor (6-7 from the floor, 1-1 from three, 3-4 from the charity stripe). He also stole the ball four times while only turning it over twice in 29 minutes of action.

The easy takeaway here is that Jordan is as gifted a basketball player as he is an athlete. It seems like he may be who we all thought he would be. This is definitely a good thing considering how some of the veterans don’t seem to be as improved as some assumed they would be.

Again, however, the game was against San Francisco State. So, acting like Jordan has arrived because of how well he played against them is like celebrating not getting an STD after a night with a hooker.