10 Super Duper Early St. John’s Season Takeaways

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I Underestimated The Fanbase

I don’t mean I underestimated their devotion to the program or their basketball IQ. It’s a little more personal than that. That’s right. I am about to get all semi-sappy up in this piece.

Storm The Paint has only been around for a few months now and — to be truthful — I wasn’t sure how St. John’s fans were going to accept it. I had a vision of some bad attempts at satire, with some (hopefully) insightful articles, all mixed in with how I honestly felt about each player, coach, game and the program in general. I didn’t want this to be a RITG rip (Norman is a great guy who has always been more than great to me and I know to some level — because Internet — and they do a tremendous job) nor did I want STP to be a poor man’s version of anything else either. I was just hoping to make another (not a different, but another) viable option for St. John’s fans and where they could read up on their favorite program.

The last month has been difficult for me outside of my fake (as in, Internet) world. Change of the job that actually pays my bills (third shift, ahhhh!!!) and other things that I rather not comment on have prevented me from being as consistent at posting stuff as I like or you deserve.

But, to my delight, the STP readership hasn’t really dropped off and I am starting to get a sense of a community on here (thanks mostly to e-mails, some Twitter interactions, etc.). I don’t take that as a way as saying I am good, funny or someone folks like to read, but as a way that my readership — no matter how small in comparison to other sites — is as loyal as Sofia the First (I am a father. So yeah, Disney reference).

I hope we can continue on this journey together. We can find out if St. John’s is going to be who we hoped they would be or if they are some form of disappointment. Either way — more sap coming — I just wanted to extend a big thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read (and mostly, barely tolerate) my ability to barely form sentences by jumbling words together.