10 Super Duper Early St. John’s Season Takeaways

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D’Angelo Harrison is Actually Better

I am not a huge stats, box-score obsessed guy. They are obviously important to a large degree, but they don’t replace actually watching basketball with your very own set of eyeballs. I mean, that is why TV ratings are much higher than box-score ratings, am I right?

Bad joke aside, D’Angelo Harrison’s numbers might not be that much different from last season, but he is playing like a much different player.

Harrison has appeared to “get it” to at least some degree. He no longer shows an other-worldly level of frustration on the court when he struggles as he has in the past. That frustration would then regularly result in him not playing defense, playing himself off the court or some other sort of things that are bad for team morale.

But not this year’s Harrison. He is making solid attempts at playing hard defense. Now, don’t get me wrong. Harrison is still not a good defender, but at least he is making honest attempts at playing it this season.

He is also working harder to get his teammates involved and picking his spots on offense in a much more heady way. No longer just chucking up shots for the sake of getting buckets, Harrison drives to the basket and will even pass it to an open teammate this season. Well, that is until his teammates fail him and he has to put the scoring for the team on his back and try to will the team to victory.

This might not be the Harrison we get all year, but up until now he looks to be a much better player and (dare I, can’t believe I am say it) leader.