10 Super Duper Early St. John’s Season Takeaways

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Phil Greene Looks Better

Phil Greene is third on the team in points (12.0 ppg), shooting over 60 percent from the floor and is the only Johnnie shooting over 40 percent from three (.44). And you know what? I still don’t buy into him being that good, but it is okay if you do.

I’ve never been a fan of Greene. I have also never hated his game. He’s just always fitted in that “it infuriates me to watch him play” category. You know, that player who has talent but makes boneheaded plays, forces the action and takes away from the team in the key moments (previous IIMTWHP players were Amir Garrett, JaKarr Sampson, JaKarr Sampson and JaKarr Sampson. Hey, did I mention JaKarr Sampson?).

Greene is talented. This is a given. When in rhythm he’s a very good shooter as well. Which is actually awesome for Greene if MSG plays music during St. John’s games, but not as awesome when opposing coaches just force him out of rhythm — which might be the easiest thing to do in the game of basketball.

He might have gotten it, though. Figured out the way to play college basketball. Under control, with high basketball IQ and with consistency. There is an “or”, however. He could just be playing well to start the season and will cool off down the road.

Obviously everyone is rooting for him to be this kind of player, but I need to see more from him to believe that Greene is anything more than a glorified role player. Maybe I am being to harsh, but I’m probably just more a cynic than anything else.