Debunking St. John’s Players’ NBA Draft Prospects

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Rysheed Jordan

Before the season started it was a no-brainer that Rysheed Jordan was going to be a first round selection. Heck, maybe even a lottery pick. Fast forward a few disappointing games later and Jordan’s NBA prospects have taken a dramatic hit.

Jordan can still salvage his NBA dreams and be a first round pick off the assumption that he just needs more time to adjust to big time hoops. Granted, he has to be far more productive at the college level or he can quickly find himself being Omar Cook-ish. As in a guy everyone thought was a first round grade, but it just so happened everyone was wrong.

In a weird, selfish way, though, Jordan’s short term struggles might be St. John’s long term gain. If he were able to figure out his game, but not enough time to salvage a first round grade by NBA scouts, Jordan would return to the program for another year. A year, mind you, where his game might actually be at the level of a lottery level type player.

As of right now, however, he can barely get minutes on a decent St. John’s team and looks all kinds of awful when he does. But hey, it’s Lavin, right?