Debunking St. John’s Players’ NBA Draft Prospects

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Orlando Sanchez

This one not only boggles my mind, but infuriates me to the point of wanting to punch a homeless guy in the face. And, really, what kind of person punches a homeless guy in the face? Oh yeah, a guy sick of hearing how Orlando Sanchez is an NBA player.

Sanchez is a good college basketball player. Don’t get me wrong. The versatility he brings to the Johnnies is something they have desperately needed. But let’s be honest here. If he were an NBA player, he would have been one by now.

Guys don’t fight for NCAA eligibility when they’re 23-years-old if they can play in the NBA. The NBA doesn’t draft 24-year-olds who have already maxed out their abilities. It’s pretty simple, really. If the NBA thought Sanchez was an NBA player he would already be one by now.

Now, I do think he gets invited to a summer camp or some form of tryout for an NBA team. Still, it’s very unlikely that he makes a squad. There is no potential for Sanchez to get that much better or fill a role that an NBA team needs. He is just a good, but not great, college basketball player.

The NBA isn’t exactly filled with slightly above average college roleplayers, are they?