St. John's basketball hoping to use non-conference lessons throughout Big East schedule

The St. John's basketball team is hoping to use its lessons learned in non-conference play against tough Big East opponents.
Michigan v St. John's
Michigan v St. John's / Porter Binks/GettyImages

The St. John's basketball non-conference journey was characterized by a remarkable display of balanced scoring, with multiple players stepping up in various games.

Against Stony Brook, a 90-74 victory, the team saw a collective effort, as Joel Soriano, Chris Ledlum, and Daniss Jenkins scored in double figures and this trend continued in subsequent games, reinforcing the team's ability to distribute scoring responsibilities.

In the Charleston Classic consolation game against Utah, a 91-82 win, Jordan Dingle led the scoring with 22 points, supported by solid contributions from Jenkins, Soriano, and Nahiem Alleyne.

The diversity in scoring options keeps defenses on their toes and allows St. John's to adapt its offensive approach based on matchups and in-game situations.

Joel Soriano emerged as a dominant force for the Red Storm throughout the non-conference schedule. In a game against Michigan, despite the team's loss, Soriano reached a significant career milestone by surpassing 1,000 career points. His inside presence, rebounding prowess, and scoring ability makes him a cornerstone for St. John's success.

Soriano's performance against West Virginia further emphasized his dominance, achieving a career-high with 29 points and 14 rebounds. His ability to control the paint and contribute on both ends of the floor solidifies his role as a leader for the team, providing a reliable anchor as they face challenging opponents.

An 85-50 victory against Sacred Heart brought the Johnnies to a season-high 4-game winning streak. However, the Red Storm's resilience was tested against Boston College, where they suffered an 86-80 defeat.

This ability to learn from setbacks and respond with a convincing win demonstrates the team's mental toughness and adaptability.

The Red Storm's depth and contributions from the bench were evident in several games, underscoring the team's overall strength in the matchup against Holy Cross.

St. John's was able to secure a dominant 91-45 victory as the bench played a significant role with Drissa Traore and RJ Luis making impactful contributions and showcasing the team's ability to maintain a high level of play when starters are off the court.

Against Fordham, a 76-53 victory, the bench played a crucial role in the team's success.

Simeon Wilcher's overall play off the bench highlighted the depth and scoring options that the Red Storm can tap into. This versatility provides strategic advantages and ensures that the team remains competitive in every phase of the game.

As St. John's transitions into Big East play, the lessons learned from the non-conference season, particularly in balanced scoring, Joel Soriano's dominance, resilience, and bench contributions will be pillars for success.

The team's ability to adapt and grow from each game sets a positive tone for the challenges ahead, and with a well-rounded roster, the Red Storm appears poised to make a substantial impact in conference battles.

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