St. John's Red Storm Dunk of the Century (video)

St. John's

St. John's Red Storm Dunk of the Century (video)

The St. John’s Red Storm held their version of Midnight Madness (it is still technically going on). Lots of neat things happened. Some bad news as well — Chris Obekpa being suspended two exhibition games — but nothing as neat or important as this.

Dunk of the century? Maybe. It is at least as cool as a cucumber on the opposite side of the pillow.

Yeah, so that is super-duper neat. I mean, you can’t find me a better dunk from tonight, can you? If you do I will not buy you a dozen fictional donuts and not send them to you right away.

Regardless, that should help you get through the rest of that case of beer you are working on this Friday night. You’re welcome.



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