10 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The St. John’s Bandwagon

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You Watch CBB to be Entertained

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

This is really a combination of a few things, but for the sake of completely ignoring semantics we will shove on.

Usually, a person will put on their picture-box to whatever channel for entertainment purposes. I doubt many folks put on a show that bores them on purpose. Instead, people flock to their TV sets to see Breaking Bad because, you know, it’s really entertaining. That is why following the Red Storm is kind of like Breaking Bad.

No, I am not comparing Lavin to Walter White nor do I think D’Angelo Harrison is going to suffer all types of hell like Jesse Pinkman. What I do think, however, is that watching them play is going to be as entertaining as it was to watch Breaking Bad. The Johnnies have so much talent and depth that an up-tempo, free-for-all type of offense is expected.

If at the end of the season you are not at least entertained by St. John’s, something went really wrong — or you stink as a member of the human species.