10 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The St. John’s Bandwagon

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Defense is usually pretty boring. No one goes to a basketball court to practice their defense. Heck, no one plays pickup hoops in order to showcase their defensive skills. It would be like a five-star chef going to Burger King to work the fries — defense is boring and never feels important. I mean, we all know it is, but no one actually cares about it. Well, except when it is Block City, USA.

Chris Obekpa is a ball-in-bucket-deterrent specialist. This is a good thing since his offense is more limited than Victoria’s Secret. Obekpa also has the coolest nickname this side of the Mississippi, OBLOCKPA. Don’t let others fool you, either. It’s not O-block-pa, it is just one giant, always-all-in-caps, OBLOCKPA. Scream it with me: OBLOCKPA.

Team building at its best.