Over Analysts of St. John’s Exhibition Victory

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Jumper Happy JaKarr

JaKarr Sampson is entering the season as a potential NBA hopeful. Most of the scouts, however, have said that Sampson needs to improve on his mid-to-long range shooting if he wants to be drafted relatively high. Sampson must have read those scouting reports, made a conscious effort to showcase his jumper against SF State and in the process made Red Storm fans as frustrated with his game as they are with his decision making.

In quick, Sampson’s scouting report would look something like this: Athletic, high energy, good motor, needs to put on weight, gain strength, rebound better, make better shot selections and improve his jump shot.

Unfortunately for him, none of his weaknesses seemed to be improved, but rather amplified. He was 1-8 from the floor, taking four shots from beyond the arc. That is right — four shots from three, only making one of those. Sampson seems to be gripping to the notion that he has a good jump shot. Alas, it seems like he hasn’t improved upon it. Really, if he continues to try to put the ball in the basket from 15-feet away or more, it could prove to be a huge detriment to St. John’s.

Sampson needs to attack the basket more. It’s really that simple. Heck, he just needs to play closer to the basket all-together. In 23 minutes Sampson only grabbed two rebounds, none of which were of the offensive variety.

Forget the NBA Draft for Sampson. If he can’t help St. John’s, rebound at the college level or show that he can at least play to his strengths, well, he will be coming back to the team next season — and it won’t be for altruistic reasons. It will be because his draft stock is trending in the wrong direction.