10 Super Duper Early St. John’s Season Takeaways

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Defense is Suspect

We can look at this a few different ways. Or — if we were to be truthful with each other — we can admit that the Johnnies have only played one team of real consequence (Bucknell is of semi consequence as of now), Wisconsin — and in that game the Red Storm gave up eleventy-billion points, played no defense at all and looked incredibly lost after the first defender was a step behind the guy with the ball.

If we want to lie to make ourselves feel better, well, we can point out the much “improved” defense that has gone on since then.

Here is the thing about defense; it’s important. I mean, especially for a team who does not have the ability to regularly hit shots from behind the arc (I think that might be hit on soon).

Whenever a basketball team might find itself in a position where points may possibly be coming at a premium, defense is what usually bails them out. St. John’s, unfortunately, doesn’t exactly look like a bunch of defensive stoppers. Which is weird considering they have Chris O’Blockpa Obeckpa, the world’s greatest half-man, half-shot blocking beast.

The good news, however, is that St. John’s is 3-1 despite some of their impotent defense. There does happen to be some bad news, though. “Shutting down” teams like Monmouth might set you at ease, but in reality it doesn’t mean any of the issues are actually fixed.

It will be interesting to see how St. John’s does (defensively, obviously) when they start to play teams with better athletes, more accurate shooters, etc. Either way, their lack of quality defense — even if it was only in one game — should worry you. Because, you know, if the other team scores more than the Red Storm they win.