Debunking St. John’s Players’ NBA Draft Prospects

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D’Angelo Harrison

D’Angelo Harrison’s game is good. In fact, he is the best player on St. John’s. That doesn’t make him an NBA player, though. In the same way I applied “he would be in the NBA already if he were an NBA player” to Sanchez, the same goes for Harrison.

Again, Harrison’s game has gone from good to extremely good over the last year, but the NBA isn’t in love with 6’3″ combo guards, whose best attribute is volume-shooting. Harrison can best be compared to Russ Smith — who is a better college player — and a guy who is projected to barely be a second round pick in the NBA Draft.

Harrison is another guy who will get an NBA summer camp invite. He’ll either be thrown on a D-League team or go overseas to hoop. But that will be after next season, when his eligibility runs out.

To be fair to the St. John’s fans I am putting in check, not many of them are claiming Harrison is anything more than he is. What he is, though, is a really good college player. A guy a team can count on to carry them to the NCAA Tournament and on Tourney runs — just not a top-grade draft prospect.