St. John’s golf: Keegan Bradley explains how to beat Michael Jordan in golf

Former St. John's golf star Keegan Bradley lines up a putt. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)
Former St. John's golf star Keegan Bradley lines up a putt. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images) /

Former St. John’s golf star Keegan Bradley shared the secrets on how to beat Michael Jordan in a round of golf.

There aren’t many people in the world that can beat Michael Jordan at something, specifically an athletic completion.

Well, former St. John’s golf star is one of those select people and the PGA Tour standout recently shared the secret on how to beat the Hall of Famer in a round of golf.

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After appearing on GOLF’s Subpar podcast, Bradley shared the story on how he and Jordan became such great friends and how Bradley still can’t believe he regularly hangs out with his childhood idol.

However, when the two get out on the course, the friendship is barley noticeable as Jordan reverts to his NBA mindset and trying to be anyone is he competing against.

As documented in the ten part series The Last Dance that aired on ESPN in the spring, Jordan loves to golf and throw some money on each round and Bradley joked that when he doesn’t want to go to the bank to withdraw some money, he asks Jordan to play a round with him.

Just like in his NBA days, Jordan tries and knock Bradley off his game by trash talking but the veteran golfer knows that you cannot talk back to Jordan because that he when he has you right where he wants you.

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“The thing with MJ is if you can get him down, you’ve got to beat him,” Bradley said, “If you start talking and he gets excited, he’ll start pressing you. He likes to press you to get you uncomfortable, so you’ve got to get him down.”

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Keegan Bradley most recently struggled at the Memorial Tournament, finishing T68 with a total score of 13-over par but the former Red Storm standout is continuing to prepare for the looming first major of the year, the PGA Championship which will take place the first full weekend in August in San Francisco, California.