St. John’s basketball continues to hand out offers to New Jersey prospects

The St. John’s basketball program offered another prospect out of New Jersey for his first ever offer.

It’s become apparent that Mike Anderson and his coaching staff scout a roster at a specific school and extend offers to prospects they are intrigued by.

The latest school the Red Storm are targeting is St. Benedict’s Prep (N.J.) as the Johnnies have become the first program to offer Class of 2023 point guard Ty-Laur Johnson.

St. John’s did the same on October 20 with Class of 2024 recruit Jaiden Glover.

Johnson, listed as a 6-foot point guard, demonstrates all the perfect qualities in his freshman season highlight package but the one notable absence from his reel are any defensive plays, something that must be showcased if a prospect wants to play in Mike Anderson’s system.

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However, in his first high school season Ty-Laur Johnson showed off his shooting range, and aggression as well as his court vision as a passer.

Johnson also demonstrated his ability to finish at the rim and through contact, all eye-popping characteristics for a player to show as a freshman.

The news of the offer was first reported late Wednesday night by recruiting expert and insider Andrew Slater.

St. John’s has been busy in the Class of 2023, already having extended offers to guards in the class such as Arkansas prospects Bryson Warren and Layden Blocker, Canada’s top recruit Elijah Fisher, and another New Jersey top recruit Simeon Wilcher.

Not only is Wilcher a top prospect in the state of New Jersey, but also a Top-10 player in the sophomore class.

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Despite commitments coming from the Class off 2023 still being around two years away, St. John’s will continue its recruiting strategy of reaching out to prospects very early in their recruitment to try and build a foundation for the long haul.

In the mean time, St. John’s will try and add its final piece in the Class of 2021 and continue to eye a potential massive haul in the Class of 2022.