10 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The St. John’s Bandwagon

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Rysheed Jordan is Gnarly

Sep 1, 2012; Newport Beach, CA, USA; Professional surfer Jamie O

Bad, outdated adjectives aside — Rysheed Jordan is an intriguing player to say the least. At one point, just a few years ago, he wasn’t a “that” highly sought after recruit. Then, quickly, his stock rose up the fictional recruiting ranks. While all of this was happening, a Jordan legend started to build. The whole “playground baller” type of thing. He also represents Philadelphia. So a Philly point guard playing for a New York team. That in itself is pretty neat.

No matter, though. Jordan looks to be ultra-talented and has some hype surrounding him. If he were to live up to it, this might end up being his only season with St. John’s. You may want to pay attention now. That way you can tell all your NBA junkie friends just how special Jordan is.